About Us

Calibrion Infotech Pvt. Ltd provides the right type of caliber, solutions and capabilities to put your ideas into motion. We make your ideas into a reality that achieves tangible benefits.

We are a data driven company!

We are passionate about finding the right balance between people, products and processes and we like to keep it that simple! We believe, extracting information from the vast amount of data generated by the business is the key in making a business evolve from good to great. We are passionate about our work and have strategies in place to seek significant opportunities in such a data-driven world.

Calibrion Infotech is built with a vision to excel at local and international arenas with renewed focus on providing localized products and services to mid-size industry segments, Residential Townships and Government Agencies.

We understand the pains and challenges of mid-sized business and we strive to help them take the leap from good to great. Our core strength lies in using data-driven approach in providing specialized products and services in the field of workflow automation, enterprise system integration and logistics (WEL).