Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data analytics and Business Intelligence is pair of terms that is intimidating to many and most have different perceptions on what it means. If you are used to dashboard and reports, if you are used to statistical inferences, if you are used to primary and secondary market research, if you are used to MIS reports…..then all that fun is encapsulated under Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Except with one big difference

  1. Businesses now want their data more frequently (real time)
  2. It is more and more critical to get the most recent data,
  3. It has become important to analyze not just numbers but everything that lives on the internet and on your servers and networks.

Just because he magnitude and complexity of the problem has increased doesn’t mean we move away from proven techniques of data analysis.

Calibrion can make it easy for businesses to get best value from their data and be partner in establishing an information management practice. We like implementing sustainable processes that allow for seamless data integration and governance so you can keep generating your favorite dashboards, MIS reports and those invaluable MS Excel reports. We give you insights into your business, your customers and your competitors that is more recent, relevant and actionable.