We are a data driven company! And we use that drive and expertise to solve complex problems of risk management, forecasting and planning, quality control and compliance to name a few. We help organizations and communities get the most out of people, products and processes thereby protecting their investments and…


Workflow automation

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Workflow is an art of balancing people and processes. There is not a single right solution; your appetite for risk and automation defines a solution that is fit for your organization. At Calibrion we have engineers who love to mix art with technology. We understand that people come first while…


Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence is a term most businesses feel is smoke and mirrors! That said, when we say dashboards or reports, the same people are grinning from ear to ear! At Calibrion we like to simplify things. If “Dashboards and reports” catches your fancy we can work with that too. The…


Smart Communities

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Communities by definition need to be connected. It is ironic tough that from small residential societies to mega townships communication and management is a hassle. After all it is mostly volunteer based with minimal staff on payroll. Who has the time? At Calibrion we provide tools to make the management…


Enterprise System Integrations

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Enterprise System Integration is all about managing data flows and messages between systems. It is unreasonable to expect organizations envision and budget systems for current and future needs all at once. System Integrations allow you to protect your investments while making systems talk to each other. From ERP, CRM, HRMS…



  • Products for Communities

    From townships, cities and government agencies to professionals like chartered accountants and physicians, each of these communities can use technology in a unique way to better serve their customers or constituents. Learn more on how Calibrion can help you achieve your goals with a little help from technology.

  • Workflow/Process Automation

     Automating processes or workflows stems from the need to either create efficiencies, reduce costs or to ensure compliance against standards or company policies. As Calibrion we understand the first step in any process automation is putting people first and finding a balanced solution that uses the right balance of people and technology. Learn more about how Calibrion has automated processes/workflows in various industries.

Center of Excellence

Under CoE we envision investing substantial amount of time and money into Java, Mobile technologies, Microsoft .NET and Analytics to stay competitive and create a niche. Some of the niche areas where we plan to innovate are:

  1. Internet of Everything (IoE) applications
  2. Smart Data solutions for those who believe in doing more with less
  3. Products that innovate Government operations

At Calibrion we believe in the culture of innovation and day dreaming! To cultivate new ideas and to provide one-of-a-kind solutions we have setup a Center of Excellence (CoE) where we focus in the following:

  • Products Development
    Calibrion prides itself in creating innovative products and services for our customers. In our product development labs we work on proof of concepts, market research and design to test the feasibility of go-to-market strategies.
  • Architecture Services
    From data-center setup and management to software architecture we have in depth expertise to be a one stop shop for architecture consulting and implementation services. Some of our core strengths are in storage solutions, Information Management, Master Data Management and Disaster recovery..
  • Turnkey Projects
    Many of customers don’t have Project Management capabilities and resources to run their projects. We understand that is today’s world a technology projects requires domain expertise and technical know-how to gauge risks and constraints. We have access to experts from manufacturing, industrial automation, metallurgy, instrumentation, pharma and other industrial domains…
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
    Data analytics and Business Intelligence is pair of terms that is intimidating to many and most have different perceptions on what it means. If you are used to dashboard and reports, if you are used to statistical inferences, if you are used to primary and secondary market research, if you…

Meet the Team

Calibrion Infotech founders Mr. Aniruddha Mayadeo and Mr. Manoj Kachare collectively have around 45 years of stellar experience in delivering technology based products and services

Mr. Aniruddha Mayadeo brings with him the expertise in working with local and international businesses and he leads Strategic planning, Center of Excellence and Human Resources. While Mr. Manoj Kachare, the founder of Samprati solutions, serves as one of the Director of Calibrion Infotech and he continues to lead Operations Planning, Finance, Accounting and Regulatory Affairs.